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Annual Parish Meeting

8 April 2019

Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting 2019

Tuesday 30th April 2019


Sancroft Hall


The Annual Parish Meeting on Tuesday 30th April 2019, 7pm at Sancroft Hall will operate slightly differently this year. Reports from the Clubs, Societies and Organisations will be submitted in advance for the Parish to read, and then questions can be asked at the meeting. Some groups may also choose to have a presentation as well, which will be in the second part of the meeting.

The reports can be found at https://fressingfieldpc.org/annual-parish-meeting/ and will be available to read prior to the meeting.

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Notice of Uncontested Election

5 April 2019

Notice of Uncontested Election

The deadline for election pack returns has been and gone, and as Fressingfield is a 13 seat Parish Council, for a Poll to occur on May 2nd there requires there to be at least 13 + 1 parishioners standing. As only 10 persons stood for election, there was an uncontested election and results are as follows:

Uncontested election 2019

There are still 2 meetings left of the current council, April 16th – Full Council and the Annual Parish Meeting on 30th April.

A new Chairman & Vice Chairman will be elected at our May Meeting.


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Roadworks - B1116 Harleston Hill

2 April 2019

B1116 Harleston Hill, Fressingfield - Rumseys Arch Partial Bridge Reconstruction - April 2019

Further to the cancellation of the bridge reconstruction last year, the works have been rescheduled to begin during the second half of this week and will continue until 7 June 2019. We would like to apologise for the short notification of these works.

To facilitate the reconstruction, the traffic management will be phased. The road at the site will be reduced to a single lane and controlled by temporary traffic signals for the majority of the work. However, road closures for certain operations will be in place on the following dates;

B1116 Harleston Hill, between New Street/Stradbroke Road Junction to Mill Lane

20:00 Thursday 4th April to 06:00 Friday 5th April

20:00 Friday 10th May to 06:00 Monday 13th May

For the duration of these closures, vehicles will be diverted via B1116 Harleston Hill/Laxfield Road, B1117 Laxfield Road, B1118 Queen Street, Chickering Road, Lower Oakley, A140, A143 Bungay Road, Wells Lane and vice versa.

Vehicular access to and from your property will be maintained at all times.

Please note that pedestrian access through the site,(while the traffic is controlled by signals) will be maintained during working hours only (07:30 - 17:00) as pedestrians will need to be escorted through the site to ensure safe passage.

There will be no pedestrian access through the site during the road closures, outside of working hours and weekends.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Faithfully,

James Prime

Senior Structures Design Technician

Click to view PDF of Letter here


Diversion Map has been provided - Click below to view as full screen PDF

Rumsey Arch Bridge Fressingfield Diversion


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Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan - Public Consultation

2 April 2019

Fressingfield Neighbourhood Development Plan

Reg.14 Consultation (29th March 2019 – 17th May 2019)

The draft Fressingfield Neighbourhood Plan is out for public consultation and we want your comments. The public consultation runs from 29th March 2019 and will run for 7 weeks ending at midnight on 17th May 2019. Responses received after the closing date/time may not be considered. Please use the response form to submit comments about the pre-submission draft Plan. We would prefer receiving responses using the form, which is available to download from the web site - https://fressingfieldpc.org/neighbourhood-plan/regulation-14-pre-submission-consultation/. If this is not possible then please complete a paper copy. Further copies are available on request.

Please submit your completed form in one of the following ways:

1) Email as an attachment to fressingfieldnplan@gmail.com

2) Hand deliver as a paper copy to any of the following drop off locations:

  • The Village Stores;
  • The Swan Inn;
  • Church of St Peter and Paul Church;
  • Sancroft Hall;
  • Sports and Social Club;
  • The Fox and Goose;
  • The Medical Centre (view the plan only; no drop off).

The documents being consulted on may be viewed at these locations, or at https://fressingfieldpc.org/neighbourhood-plan/regulation-14-pre-submission-consultation/.


A huge thank you to the little over 100 people that came out over the two consultation days held in the Sancroft Hall. The deadline for responses is May 17th, so there is still time to have a look at all the material and form a response to help shape the Parish of Fressingfield for the next 20 years.

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