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Neighbourhood Watch scheme - open letter from coordinator

8 August 2017

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


neighbourhood watchFressingfield Neighbourhood Watch was set up a lot of years ago at the request of the Parish Council. It proved difficult to find a coordinator. Robin Rampley and I eventually stepped up to the plate and formed a group and raised the necessary funds for street signs etc. We always said that it was odd that although the village people were the main benefactors of the scheme it was run by two guys who lived miles outside the village. Robin at White Post Corner and myself at Olivedale on the Metfield Road. Anyway, we raised the cash, recruited various people to look after their immediate vicinity and got on with the job.


Years passed and things changed. I got heavily involved with the RBL and Robin took over sole command with me reverting to an area contact. Now things have changed again. Robin is moving to Harleston in the very near future and, although I have moved into the village, I have become a full-time carer. We need someone to take over the reigns. Ideally, but not necessarily, someone living in the village. It doesn't take much of your time. The local reps are basically all in place but someone has to co-ordinate the group. It is a very worthwhile job for the community. If someone doesn't volunteer than the Fressingfield Neighbourhood Watch will likely become defunct. Shame but there it is.


If anyone is interested or you know anyone who might be, then contact Robin on 01379 586573 or me on 01379 586263. Pass this email on to anyone you think might consider the job. Discuss it with neighbours. Come along to our next meeting at The Sports and Social Club on Thursday 10 August at 7.30pm. Unfortunately, if we can't find someone then the whole thing will go down the drain. 


Ben Symonds