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Fressingfield Baptist ChapelGeorge Spratt built the Baptist Chapel, situated in Cratfield Road, in 1835 in the shape of a coffin, in order to remind people of the mortality of life. Originally, it reputedly accommodated 700 people having a gallery all round. It also had an inbuilt baptistry.  

Refurbishment took place on the ground floor in 1912, to replace the box pews and pulpit. The entire work was carried out in pine wood. The subsequent building of classrooms has reduced its capacity by over half.

A large Hall, also hexagonal in shape, was built on to the back of the Chapel in 1985 to replace a much smaller one which was inadequate for the needs of the Church.

A further refurbishment of the Chapel took place in 2005. This included a new baptistry, heating and lighting systems, carpeting throughout and chairs replacing the pews. The pulpit has been replaced with an open-plan platform. Also, multi-media sound and visual systems have been installed.

The Chapel has always had an adjacent graveyard and records with it much history of both the congregation and the community. Sadly, whilst grave records are kept today, many of the very early ones were lost.

In the early 1990s, the Chapel was featured in John Timpson's TV series on East Anglia.

Today the Chapel is very active being an Independent Baptist Church holding to the 1689 and 1966 Confessions of Faith. A full programme of Sunday and mid-week meetings are held. Children's and youth work covers every age range.  The pastor is full-time and there is always a welcome to everybody.