Fressingfield is a village in north Suffolk of about 1,000 people. Close to the small market towns of Harleston, Diss and Halesworth, it has maintained its village identity during a period of steady growth in recent years. If you are new to the area, the pages of this website will tell you something about Fressingfield, its past, present and its future.

Fressingfield is surrounded by farms which remind us of the important position that food production has held in this area over the ages.  Although to the casual onlooker the ever-changing fields may still seem to reflect that heritage, today it is modern farming practices that colour the picturesque countryside around the village. However, farming is no longer a main source of employment in the area. Now traditional trades, welfare services and numerous small high-tech businesses fulfil that role. Some of these can found listed on the local business page.  

Compared to many parts of the country, Fressingfield is a prosperous parish. It can seem to be quiet and a little isolated.  It is a friendly and safe place to bring up a family. When you walk  through the village, you might even catch yourself thinking, "I could go on holiday to a place like this."  However, Fressingfield is also an active and vibrant place. For the young and the old; for those wanting to be active and for those wanting to take the time to be more reflective; and for those who are somewhere in between, there are plenty of groups in the village organised by like-minded people.

The website page Fressingfield Today tells you much about the village. The different groups listed on the 'organisations' page and the details of what is happening, or what has been planned will also help give you a true picture of this thriving village.

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The Met Office provides the latest weather forecast for Fressingfield.