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Plans, Actions and Working Groups

The council always has a number of plans it is working to and also has working groups that help design or act on the ideas in the plans. Currently, these inlcude:

The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) helps shape development in the local area for future housing, conservation and regeneration. It is used to identify the best sites for development, as well as giving a vision for improving the parish as a whole.

Things such as environmental and economic issues,  as well as heritage and housing are  important parts of the plan. Fressingfield’s plan has been ‘made’ – it is accepted by the district council. This means that it is taken into account when the district council makes decisions on planning applications.

The plan lasts until 2036! However it will be reviewed regularly to make sure it continues to be relevant to the parish.

The village improvement plan contains all those ideas that parishioners and the parish council have suggested to make improvements to the life of people living in Fressingfield. It is the plan that is at the heart of what the parish council does.

Working groups are sometimes used by the parish council to put a plan into action. The groups report on progress to the full parish council or to make suggestions to get things done. It is only the council that can actually spend money.

You can click on any of these links to find out the latest news about these plans or the working groups:-

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